Nov 22 2012




Nov 22 2012


I am really starting to fall hard for location-based services like Cherry, Uber and now Exec. Exec is an app that will run any errand, or do any work that you need them to do for $25 an hour. All you have to do is press a button (sharing where you are) and write a short task description and the service will find someone to do it for you and alert you once it’s done.

Exec saved my uncle’s 60th birthday party today when my brother forgot to bring birthday candles to the party. There was no way out of leaving the party and we needed to make sure somehow we got what we needed. Before I knew it my cousin whipped out his phone and it exec’d it and was able to get somebody to come to the party candles in hand within the hour. It was amazing and it was only for $25!!!! Thank you Exec!


Nov 18 2012

Thanksgiving Haircut


For those of you not observing Movember, I would recommend cleaning yourself up a bit before you hit the road back home for Thanksgiving. We both know that with shaggy, untamed hair, your mom will make a snide comment about Californian’s being incapable of grooming themselves. 

Fear not, Young Padawan, goHairCut (the Cherry for haircuts) will find you and cut you (lol) in time for momma! If you live in the SF area, for only $10 until 11/29, haircuts will no longer be the pain in your derriere.  

"Do they cut women’s hair too? $10 seems cheap for a women’s haircut." This isn’t the 1800’s people. Of course, they cut women’s hair too!

Nov 17 2012


Wow, I haven’t written a post in a really long time but after using SaneBox, I realized that it’s high time I start up again. SaneBox is a really great way to keep your inbox organized.

SaneBox sends you a daily digest of all your emails giving you the opportunity to teach the program what emails are important and what are not. If it can be read later, the email is placed in the SaneLater folder. If you want to keep it but not delete an email, it’s stored SaneArchive folder. I have gone from receiving 200 emails a day to around 55. As a result my productivity has increased and I am responding to people faster than ever.

The service is free for 14 days after that it’s around $5/month. Seriously try it.

May 27 2012


Takeaways from this video:
1. is awesome
2. Remove plastic wrapping from electronics

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